"" Dream To Life: A Beach Bungalow!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A Beach Bungalow!

My twin sister, Kacey, got married 2 weeks ago on the beach!  Now that she is a very happily married (married!) woman, she and her amazing husband, Rossi, are moving into a new place together out in Southern California.

Just for fun, I decided to put together a decor board for their brand new bungalow on the beach! (lucky ducks.)

The palette for the room is deep ocean blues, dusty golds (like the sand), soft grays, and accents in turquoise and Coral.

Here is Option 1:

I love me a good accent wall :>)  In this option, I gave them that accent wall in the deep ocean blue.  The rest of the room and hallways would be in the soft grey to create a more cohesive apartment as a whole.

(Moving into the bedrooms, you could really play up the drama in the master with a turquoise wall! Imagine that behind a King size headboard!? And the guest room could have a coral accent wall - ahhh! But continually keeping the gray as the continuity to the house.)

The grey couch compliments the smoky walls, and throw pillows are the best way to bring in the rest of your accent colors.  I love natural, textural rugs, and Jute Rugs are one of the most durable rugs you can choose.  And these mirrored side tables from West Elm are my favorites!

Image Source West Elm

The blue armchair and coffee table give the rest of the room a whimsical feel that I 
Anyhoo!  Because they live on the beach, they can get away with all the fun "beachy" chotchkeys!  The capiz chandelier, blue coral sculptures, and shell mirrors bring their environment right inside.

But with this color palette (and with so many AMAZING furniture/decor/artwork options!) there are endless combinations.

Option 2:

In this version, I got rid of the accent wall, and painted the entire room in the smoky gray (you could also paint it all the gold).  If it's a smaller room, having the all the walls the same color will make it seem larger.  It's less drama, but equally beautiful.

I switched out the artwork with a custom "Amore" painting.  (Blog to come about my version of this painting! Hanging in my bedroom:>)  And added a rustic mirror on the other wall.   I also switched out the antique-y gold end table with a more textural wood one.  If her cabinets are darker in the kitchen, this side table will draw that all together.

The combinations are endless!!!!  Can't wait to see what Kacey decides to do!


(for information on the items used in these decor boards, go to my Polyvore site!)


  1. Just come out here now and do it for me!!!!????? oh my gosh this is FANTASTIC!!!!

  2. I love the ADORE print. I have nothing above my bed and have been waiting for something to catch my eye...