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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Duty Calls...

The following is an email I sent to a girl friend of mine who is getting married.  I'm on the lookout for unique and beautiful wedding decor ideas for her - she has ZERO time to browse through wedding websites and blogs.  Me on the other hand? That's basically my job description :>)  

"Hi love, here are some pictures I've come across the past few days....

This one I added in because I feel like your dad could just bring his tandem out for you and your 
hubby-to-be to ride on your wedding day:  (side note: her father really does own and ride a tandem bike.)

Cute way to designate your chairs!

Where oh WHERE can we find Giant balloons like these??? 
On a really sweet note, I've heard couples release balloons in honor of people they've lost...I think it's really beautiful.

LOVE this ribbon chair detail! So pretty from the back:

Gorgeous way to showcase place cards.  Baby's breath in a vintage suitcase?! Tres chic!

Me gusta the roses encircling the cake - I haven't seen anything like this before, it looks so fresh to me:

I've been coming across some party favors that are personalized pencils! For both of you - one's a teacher, one's headed back to school!  Now if only your name was Kiki....

I included this one because I really like the look of the line of taper candles down the middle of the table:

More to come, unless you've had enough :>)


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