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Thursday, April 28, 2011

I've Got The Fever!

Can we please discuss how effortlessly cool Kate Middleton looks in this "Day Before The Big Day" paparazzi shot????

I mean, come on!  The skinny jeans, the gorgeous bag, the perfect ivory blazer (which I have been searching for about as long as Waity Katie's been waitin').   Not to mention the bridal glow!

So cute.

While I can't see myself up at 4 am to witness the festivities live, I will be DVRing this bad boy.  Anyone hosting a viewing party??

Naturally, we had to create a Royal Wedding Inspiration Board at Wedding 101....

"As I was looking through photos for today's Royal Wedding Fever Inspiration post, I couldn't help but get (even more) excited for the big day tomorrow!  Here is my take on a slightly more tangible royal wedding - what I would do were I to get married again (which I won't - but there are always anniversary parties, right?!) and wanted a British Wedding (say that in an English accent, please).  

(In fact, please read all the following in an English accent.  Thank you.)

Why not embrace the "cupcakes in lieu of a wedding cake" trend - but let's put them in individual tea cups.  Nothing says "I'm a Brit" like a nod to tea time.  I'd find some Union Jack Fabric at my local fabric store and DIY it up with a fabulous bunting for over the dessert table.   The getaway car will be a Rolls Royce, of course, and no royal wedding would be complete without a replica of Princess Diana's tiara.  Billy's groomsmen will look dashing in Union Jack inspired suits, and my gorgeous bridesmaids will shine in their royal blue Amsale gowns.  I can make my own stamped Union Jack Thank You cards, or simply pick them up on Etsy.  And last, but not least, I'll grab my very own "Wills" and smile like the royal couple we most certainly are!"

In fact....



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  1. William and Kate,

    you look GORGEOUS!! Congrats on your big day ;)