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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Homemade Chocolate Cake

Hope everyone had a lovely Memorial Day weekend!  We were in Georgia for a wedding...and it was cicada free! Lovely.

I have to share this next photo with you  - I mean, could it get any more glamorous!??? Wow, do we think I could pull this off? Do we think B would agree to it???

Also wanted to finally post this recipe: 

My first attempt at made-from-scratch Chocolate Cake.  This is a phenomenal cake - I 100% recommend it.

Recipe found Here.

FYI, I couldn't find buttermilk at my grocery store so I found this site.  It has all sorts of baking substitutions.

I used 2/3 cup of yogurt and 1/3 cup milk for the 1 cup of buttermilk the recipe calls for.  I may use this substitute in the future because the cake came out incredibly moist - I chalk it up to the yogurt :>)  

One more tip:  When making the frosting, make sure the chocolate chips you melt are completely cool before you add them to the butter mixture...otherwise your frosting will melt and be drippy (see above picture.)

Here's to glitzy stairs and chocolate cake!


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  1. Wow, what a post!! Firstly that's a big YES to the stairs! I LOVE it!

    And second....that chocolate cake looks heavenly. I want to dive right in. Literally!!