"" Dream To Life: Inspiring Space - Keri Russell's Manhattan Home

Monday, May 16, 2011

Inspiring Space - Keri Russell's Manhattan Home

I stumbled across this inspiring space in my Elle Decor email....even better that it's Keri Russell's NYC home!

Keri is from Denver, just like me, and we went to same dance school (Starstruck Dance Academy, Lisa Holtz-Odell is the best!)  I can remember when she was cast in the Mickey Mouse Club.  It was SO exciting for all us little dancers aspiring to be just. like. her.

Later, as I got a little older and started seriously focusing on a career in music, Kacey and I started taking private dance/movement classes with Lisa.  Lisa had taught Keri since she was a young girl, so when we took trips to LA to meet with people in "the biz" (man, that cracks me up! So long ago...) we would meet up with Ms. Felicity herself for lunches.  I always thought she was so beautiful and really seemed down to earth....just like her GORGEOUS house in New York:

I'm loving gold mirrors.  I'm loving them so much that we just added one on our mantle :>)  I also really covet that tufted ottoman...

Cutest little family! And an amazing piano.

Interesting how that is the same chandelier/pendant as in the living room.

Another dream closet :>)  And a great full length mirror.

Here is the link to the original post on Elle Decor.

A beautiful example of rustic yet modern design.  Serious Eye Candy :>)  



  1. ok...how do i make my house look like this??!

  2. Seriously. I love everything about it. The kitchen is GORGEOUS.