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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Steak Tacos

In our house, Italian food and Mexican food reign.  I love to cook Italian food - it's what I grew up on, what comes naturally to me.  However, since marrying B, I've started making more and more Mexican dishes...what can I say?  Mexican for the Mexican ;>)

Steak Tacos are one of our favorite dishes - and it's easy on me because I don't have to do the grilling!


Fixin's :>) 
(lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, cholula, avocado, lime, corn, cilantro, etc)
Corn tortillas

Grill Steak to desired done-ness.
Fill tortilla with steak.
Chop up toppings, and sprinkle on taco.

Yup.  It's pretty much the easiest mid-week meal you could make!

Add some fruit and you. are. done.

Hope you are having a lovely Tuesday!


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