"" Dream To Life: Top 4 Rugs - What Would You Do??

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Top 4 Rugs - What Would You Do??

I'm stuck in limbo, people.  

I literally cannot make a decision on a new living room rug.  It's the next purchase we are making, but what good does that do if I never pull the trigger!?

Do we go stripes?


(And side note, I really like that diamond rug in the picture above too!)

We have a checklist.

1.) Rug
2.) Chandelier or pendant for bedroom
3.) Pendants for over kitchen island
4.) Paint downstairs

How can I ever get to the rest of the list if I never check off number 1?!?!?!?!  

Discuss.  Please.  I beg you - Thoughts???



  1. That's a tough one! Loving the stripes though, seems like something you would never get tired of/could use again somewhere else. And loving these pendants from mitchel gold: http://www.mgbwhome.com/FERRIS-PENDANT-P8743.aspx

  2. I like the stripes too! the zig zap tripped me out a little bit...and you know i've always like the union jack!!

  3. My vote is stripes! Good luck! Can't wait to see what you choose!

  4. I'm with Kace. Stripes or UNION JACK!!

  5. I like the stripes, but I like them thicker. The other ones are a little to busy

  6. Difficult to say without seeing the rest of the room - depending on how 'busy' the rest of the room is would determine how fussy your rug should be. Decisions, decisions! Great blog by the way :) xx

  7. Um, when you say "we", do you mean you and Billy are making this decision? if so, props to Billy. Joe would make this decision based SOLELY on price. : ) And, would be annoyed at the time I would spend on choosing a rug! On that note, I'd go stripes. I think it's easier to put other patterns in the room with stripes- like on pillows, art, curtains, etc....

  8. I seriously think you should get the chevron ones :)

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