"" Dream To Life: Party Idea: Bella and Edward Vignette (Forest Inspired)

Monday, January 23, 2012

Party Idea: Bella and Edward Vignette (Forest Inspired)

January means one thing in the wedding industry: Bridal Show Season.  With many couples getting engaged over the Holiday Season (Merry Christmas, here's a ring!), the 2 months after New Years are crazy busy with bridal shows.  We have 8 shows we are participating in before March.  Like the show last August, we created three themed weddings, and designed vignettes around each theme.  (See our Pinterest Inspiration Board Here).

First up...

"Bella and Edward"
- Forest inspired event, classic, elegant, timeless, 
mercury glass containers, candlelight, moss, greens, ivories, deep plums, 
dripping twinkle lights and flowers.

Flowers sit in wooden vessels - echoing the atmosphere in the north west.  We designed a napkin ring based on Bella's engagement ring.

Silver candelabras, mercury glass, and wooden slabs help set the mood...(and note the jeweled design on the wedding gown in the background - it echoes the engagement ring as well).

The wedding cake features tiers based on different scenes from the move...dripping flowers, wedding dress corset, plums and purples like the bridesmaids dresses

We had such a good time designing this vignette! Yes, we are all fans of the Twilight Series - but even if you are not, this can be translated to any wedding where you want an outdoor, rustic, yet elegant design.  


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