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Thursday, March 15, 2012

How To: Old South Wedding

Finally we have the Old South Wedding...This vignette is an ode to the traditional, southern plantation wedding.  Where bigger is better, and no corners are cut.  Silver rimmed plates and glassware compliment the silver rimmed paper goods.  Candlelight sets the whole look aglow.

Get The Look
We used a palette of creams, ivories, whites, and silvers.
We infused the classic monogram into all aspects: Linens, napkins, antique forks, handcrafted chair decor.
Gorgeous candelabras and classic flowers (white roses, hydrangeas) were placed in antique silver teapots and mint julep glasses.

Lindsey Reagan made this gorgeous collage of the photos by Tiffany Walsh.  See Lindsey's original post here.


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  1. I am a soon to wed bride (actually not too soon, it'll be next year around May) and I came across your blog. I love the ribbon entry from last year. so here I am a new follower.^ ^,