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Monday, April 16, 2012


As we get older, the word "home" can mean so many different things.

There's my actual "home" in Nashville, TN that is feeling less and less like home as we have more showings and the reality of it selling and becoming someone else's home is imminent.

There's the childhood home I grew up in in Denver - where my parents still live.

There is Iowa..where I was born and where a lot of my family still live.

And Minnesota in cabin by a lake.

There's wherever Billy is...

...There's wherever we end up....

It's a lot for a gal to handle :>)

We are getting more and more showings at our house in Nashville, and realtor's call asking to take a client over ASAP.  It became difficult for me to leave work, race home, and get Cali out of the house.  All while dust busting dog hair as I back out the door.  My extremely generous parents offered to keep the little rascal for a few months...so Cali and I hopped on a plane to the mile high city.  And landed on one of my Favorite Days of The Year: PASTA SUNDAY!

Pasta Sunday happens more Sunday's than not - but it's always a holiday to me.

My sister Kara making homemade Rigatoni - it was delicious! If you have a kitchen aid mixer, I highly recommend getting the pasta making attachment.  It is really simple to make your own noodles - and well worth it.  

God Bless Pasta Sunday...


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  1. We could have pasta Sunday EVERY Sunday if you move here ;-)