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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Style Me Pretty Feature! "Old Whiskey South" Wedding Shoot

Bucket lists, goals, mile markers, lifetime achievements...all one in the same :>)  I hit one of those a couple weeks ago when the absolutely amazing, premier, stunning, fabulous wedding website Style Me Pretty featured one of our style shoots!

 (It's really the only sound that gets the point across).

Goodness, it sure feels good to check it off the list :>)  See below for a description of the "Old Whiskey South" Shoot and photos!

The Jack Daniels distillery is precious to us here in Middle Tennessee - it's amazing to think that every bottle of Jack Daniels Whiskey has been made with the clear spring water from the cave that sits on the distillery land.  We designed this "Old Whiskey South" wedding with a traditional southern wedding in mind, and our Jack Daniels Whiskey edge thrown in.

Our shoot was a vow renewal of sorts for our bride and groom - they were married 9 years ago this month!  Tiffany and David were ecstatic to pledge their love to one another again, and they kindly let us capture the occasion for them as well.  Tiffany wore a classic "cupcake" gown that had a modern edge to it - it's a 2 piece! The bottom half came off when it was time to put on her sparkly dancing shoes.  David wore a traditional tuxedo - tails, bowtie and all.

The McConnell House is an old Tennessee home that actually started out as an old jail.  The iron bars and doors add a gritty look to the home.  With handmade monogrammed handkerchiefs and linens, the Southern Wedding aesthetic is boldly apparent in this shoot.  Classic flowers like white roses and hydrangeas were placed in antique silver tea pots, milk glass vases, and mercury glass vessels.  We collected vintage and antique silver forks, and then curled the tines to hold place cards for guests.  Food for the event included a Southern Biscuit and Cornbread Bar - with a large assortment of different spreads and toppings to customize your own biscuit.  Signature whiskey cocktails served in mint julep cups add a whiskey twist to the classic drink.  A dessert bar was set up complete with molasses cookies, customized truffles, a traditional wedding cake, and Jack Daniels Chocolate Cupcakes (recipe coming soon!).  Flickering candlelight, iron lanterns, and whiskey barrels used as cocktail tables added the finishing touches to the event.

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