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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Dream House: piece by piece

I love building my dream house.  Room by room, piece by piece. Gathering all the details that one day (someday) will be needed as I build the home of my dreams!

First of all, I will need this table:

Image source NapaStyle

Can we just have a moment of silence for the wine?  How incredible is that?!  Very efficient.  We never have to leave. Who needs a wine cellar?  The table IS the cellar!

I love the stone patio.  And the view ain't too shabby, either.  Ok!  Back Porch done!

Next up -  living room fireplace :>) Perfection!

I love how it looks like stone. The mantle is gorgeous.  Big and chunky! love love love it!

Heck, might as well just take this living room.  Minus a few wall hangings.  But definitely keeping the mirror.  And the chandelier!

I'm a big fan of Restorations large scale pieces.  I love oversize furniture - Big couches, big coffee tables, big fireplaces go perfectly in my sky high ceiling-ed dream house.  

THE bed: Restoration Hardware.  St. James Collection.  Need to win the lottery first.  Hey, it could happen!

Image source Restoration Hardware

More to come!  This dream house is just gettin' started!  What's in your dream house?



  1. When are you coming to decorate my house?? xo

  2. I love this post! Great style. Your blog is wonderful!