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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Free People, People!

I. Am. Ready. For. Fall. 

  That's it.  I'm ready, and I'm ready NOW!

Just look at these amazing fall looks from Free People and Shopbop. I mean, if this doesn't get you ready for fall fashion...well, move south. That's all I can tell you :>)

I apologize for getting all King Henry VIII on her.

But I digress.  

How fantastic is this Striped Knit Sweater Dress? Especially when you put this underneath it so that the ruffle peeks through at the bottom? I Die! (oh, Rachel Zoe)

Then top it off with this amazing slouchy black hat and a pair of Grey Suede Booties....

And this is the bag I would quite frankly kill to acquire:


Here are a few more pieces from the Free People Look Book on Shopbop this week

This Black Princess Bell Jacket is utterly enchanting with skinny jeans and boots, or even over a full skirt.

It also comes in a neutral shade.

And you look just as good on your way out as on your way in!

One more piece I'm loving:

I'm digging the stripes (don't they almost look metallic?) and the asymmetrical zipper.

Each day we get a liiiiiiiiiiittle bit closer to actually being able to wear these looks outside without melting like the Wicked Witch of the West

(Well, give me Idina anyday!)

Come on, Fall! Come on!



*All images from Shopbop unless otherwise noted.


  1. I love that Black Princess Bell Jacket! Too cute! I'd wear it all season.

    Thanks for stopping by Everyday Attic! :)

  2. will you go shopping FOR ME!?!?! so cute!