"" Dream To Life: "Break a Leg!"

Friday, September 10, 2010

"Break a Leg!"


I'm thinking I took that old adage a little too much to heart.  

Being a performer/musician/entertainer/what have you, I have heard that phrase countless times right before taking on the bright lights on that big stage.

And last Thursday, I broke my foot. So, yeah, it's not my leg.  But it's preeettttty darn close.


So now I'm trying to see the silver lining in this little "Six weeks, no weight baring, crutches using, no driving cuz it's my right foot" problem I seem to have gotten myself into!

And what have I found in this silver lining, you ask?


Yes.  Shoes.

I have 3 weddings coming up this October, one being on (rapidly approaching, not sure if I'll be able to wear heels yet) October 9th.   It's my dear friend Amanda's wedding, and my goal is to be HEELED (ha.) by then so I can boogie down at her reception.  But one must be prepared if that does not, in fact, happen.

So I'm on the hunt for some cute, stylish, dressy ballet flats. 

Do you think they'll cut the price in half for me if I only need the left shoe?

Or, better yet, has anyone out there happened to have broken their LEFT foot, and need a size 8 right shoe?  Let me know :>)

First up is a cute and simple pair of shiny silver flats.

I also like these neutral yet dressy "whimsical" flats also!

Or how about THESE babies! So flashy and sparkly!

Maybe add some Ankle jewelry while we're at it?

And of course there is ALWAYS snakeskin:>)

I could sport these to show off my wild side

Or these if I'm feeling a little crazy!

There are just too many to choose from!

And apparently, shopping online is the way to go for the next few weeks.

I guess I can't think of anything better to put my mind to while I'm laying on the couch with my foot up :>)



  1. ahahahahahaha! this one is hilarious! i didn't even think about the no heels thing!

  2. Bummer. Big time. Billy best get used to waiting on you for six straight weeks!

  3. Love the shoes! Bummed about your broken foot :(