"" Dream To Life: Cali Cali Bo Bali

Monday, September 20, 2010

Cali Cali Bo Bali

Silver Lining:  n. - a hopeful or comforting prospect in the midst of difficulty.

I've been looking for silver linings for the past 2 weeks.  This ol' broken foot of mine has given me moments of feeling really low.....

...followed by a swift kick in the pants!  

Come on, Kate! It's just a broken foot! And it's healing everyday :>)

Enter: Silver Linings!  Things to be happy about!  

One of the biggest "things I'm happy about" is my adorable, loving, cuddly, spunky, crazy, cute, amazing puppy Cali.  

She chose us right from the beginning!

This is Cali's brother and sisters :>)  Cali is the little nugget on the far right.   Just looking at the camera saying (well, I think she's saying!), "Come on, mom and dad! Come get me!!"

She's the cutest little pup in the world - it's just a proven fact:

driving home!

So tiny!

And already OBSESSED WITH FOOD! It rules her life :>)

Sleeping is one of her favorite past times :>)

And she has her dad wrapped around her little paws!

Ok fine. Her mom, too.

She takes after her parents lush hearts

and is a world traveller!

outside the Nashville Airport

"on the road again!"

Cali is ALWAYS a good sport!  Whether she's trying on her new "non-slip" booties from her Aunt Kacey and Uncle Rossi,

playing with my God-Sister Kailen,

dancing with her dad,

hanging with her cousins at the lake,

or takin' a nap with her aunt (those car trips are long!)

She is MY personal little life saver

Especially when she hops up on the couch to keep me company and take care of me while my bones do their job and glue themselves back together.

She's my little angel, 






  1. Oh my gosh! Your pup is too adorable! Is she a Shelti? Collie? Some other breed I have no clue about? Haha. Our dog Molly is a Collie mix, so these guys are definitely close to my heart. What a sweetie!

  2. Oh I LOVE Caliente. Miss that little nugget.

  3. Oh my goodness she's adorable! I could eat her up. I can see how she captured your heart from the very beginning.

  4. OH MY what a cute puppy! What breed is she?