"" Dream To Life: Amanda and Brian Tied the Knot! Finally :>)

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Amanda and Brian Tied the Knot! Finally :>)

Billy and I spent last weekend in Sandusky, Ohio for the 
of our dear friends Amanda and Brian (now) Tolbert!

After many lunches, cocktails, and dinners (a years worth!) talking about this wedding, it was so much fun to finally see it come to fruition!  The wedding was absolutely beautiful, the weather perfect, and the couple so in love :>)

Raleigh Anne and I trying to steal our wedding gift back!  We can't take credit...Amanda had been wanting these for awhile....

Toasting flutes!  Really amazing toasting flutes....kinda wish I had them!

The centerpieces were stunning.  Tall glass cylinders filled with water, topped with Hydrangeas, Roses, and lovely circular wreaths!  And candles.  You know I love me some candles.

Stealing Brian's champagne...naturally!

First dance...

The other newlyweds!!

Oh Billy in a tux!  He's such a good groomsman!

The whole Nashville crew - obvi we were the classiest and most mature table.  cough. cough.

Amanda and Billy in all his suspender glory!

The gorgeous bride and her equally gorgeous mama

Um yeah.  I have no words.

I think we have about 200 pictures of us looking just like this!

This one cracks me up!

My gals :>)

It was such a fun weekend!  

And the October wedding ridiculous-ness begins!  One down, Two more to go!

San Francisco, here we come.


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