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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Halloween Decorating "In The Making"

I have slooooooooooowly been decorating our house for Halloween.  I know.  If I don't get my behind moving, it will be time to take everything down for Turkey Day.

(In my defense, with my healing foot, I can't get to the box of Halloween Decs.  I keep asking Billy, and he keeps nodding yes.  Shockingly the box has not made its way upstairs yet.  Hmmmm.)

But actually, it's kind of nice not crowding up the entire house with cheesy ghosts and pumpkin candles and whatever else I have in that box downstairs.   I'm enjoying using the few pumpkins and gourds I picked up at The Produce Place.  I did make ONE stop at Michaels (eeee!)  to get a little fake ivy (mantle project!) and 2 grapevine wreaths for my Halloween and Thanksgiving wreaths.

Here is our sad, lonely front door with no wreath to call its own:

Notice me in the window :>)  and don't notice how the builders of our condo picked wood doors that weather EXTREMELY easy.  Sanding down and sealing all the doors on our condo is a project for another day.  Or another season.

Here is the beginning of my Halloween wreath:

Oh yeah.  I forgot to mention the black spray paint I took home with me from Michaels, too.  (I prefer to say "took home" over "bought".)

I thought I could use this never ending package of Cotton balls for the spiderwebs:

I mean, they even say "Jumbo Sized Balls!"  (ahem.)  And there's 300 of 'em!  (Wow!)  But, sadly they just fell apart as soon as I tried to stretch them out.  (ouch.)   Those darn balls.  (Laughing now, can't help it!)

So off to Walgreens I went to pick up a bag o' "real" spiderwebs!  

"Super Stretch - Super Scary!" Muah ha ha ha! Just vhat I vas looookink forrr!  (Yeah, and it's 10 feet long.  130 sqare feet.  Anybody need some spiderweb?)

Now that's what I'm talkin' bout!  Some seriously scary spiderwebbin'!  
It's not done yet....I have a few more touches I need to add.

Remember this mantle idea I stole borrowed from Kara's blog?

Good Houskeeping

A peek at my version...

I'm diggin' these black tapers.  They have purple-y gold glitter on the bottom half.  I'm thinking about trying to recreate that with white tapers and some silvery white or gold glitter for Christmas/New Years...

Final pics to come!


All images by me unless otherwise noted :>)

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  1. Love what you did! Can't believe the cotton balls didn't work. I totally would have tried the same thing!