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Monday, November 15, 2010

Antique-ing Away!

Last Friday I found myself with the afternoon free, so I decided to hop on over to Gas Lamp Antiques.

Just for fun. Just to browse :>)

I love getting lost (literally.  It's a maze in there!) among all the booths.  It's so fun to find the perfect little (or big!) treasure for the house.

We picked up this cabinet over the summer.  It lives on our 2nd floor landing and is home to sheets, comforters, towels, sewing kits, and my hats.  Yes.  Hats :>).

And I brought this trunk home earlier this year.  I FELL IN LOVE with the distressed blue/grey color.  

This trip, however, was not for buying.  Just for looking:

These antique locker boxes were really cool and full of character.  If we had a garage :>)   Or a  basement :>).....

I loved these little white milk glass taper holders.  

Paper Dolls!?  I regressed about 2 decades a few years when I saw these!  I used to go nuts over paper dolls when I was little!

Some gorgeous mosaic candle holders.  (I have a thing for candle holders.  More of a chronic problem actually.)  These would be so beautiful on a Christmas mantle or buffet!

Then there was this collection of vintage glass cocktail shakers.  They are amazing!  Billy and I are actually in the market for a cocktail shaker.  I'll be showing him these later today :>)

More candle holders!  And mercury glass?  Forget it.  I can't stop the addiction.

There was a matching mate to this chair. And the price was pretty amazing.  I know I said we are looking for wing back chairs, but these made me do a double take....hmmmm.

This cabinet is a gorgeous grayish blue color.  And the sides flip up to make a longer serving area.  

My favorite finds!  Sometimes a gal just needs a swift kick in the pants to get going, right?:

Another favorite :>)


These oversized spools of thread were really cool.  

They reminded me of The Lettered Cottage's empty spools on top of the entertainment unit.

I'll let you know if we end up going back to pick up some goodies!

White Christmas rehearsal tonight - I am now tap dancing in the show.   YIKES!  This is getting out of control :>)


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  1. ummm....you brought the trunk home??? YOU!>?!?!?!??!?!?!

    ahhahaha...love love love this blog! AND the candle holders!! Christmas present anyone?!?!?!