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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Shimmery Fall Wreath

I finally got around to making our Fall Wreath for the front door.  Finally.

I got the idea from Jess at Frugal Flourish quite awhile back.  I loved the look of the shimmery fall wreath she made, and you really can make it out of "stuff" you have lying around!

I have so many of these in the closet:

So I grabbed the colors that looked the most "fall-ish" to me :>)

Golds, browns, shimmery coppers...

Then I gathered all the old leaf garlands and floral fillers that I have.  I took scissors and cut the leaves off of the garland, and I took out all the berries from my fillers:

Now the fun begins! Spray paintin' it up!  The only spot I have to spray paint is on my front porch.  My neighbors are constantly walking by with their dogs and looking at me like I'm a crazy person.  Oh well! The price we pay for home decor!

I divided up the foliage and sprayed each group a different shade, and I made sure to flip the leaves over to get both sides.  Some leaves I completely covered with color, others I just lightly misted to keep the original oranges and reds coming through.

After all the leaves and berries were dry, I began to tuck them one by one into the grapevine wreath I bought for this project (oh, 2 months ago.  I know I know. Procrastination may be my middle name). Grapevine wreaths are 3 bucks at Michaels and they are super easy to decorate - no matter the season.

Note: Cali's Frisbee in the corner :>) How does this one little pooch take over every room (and porch) in our house with her stuff?!?

Here is the (almost) finished product! 

I added one last touch, like Jess did!  

After spray painting the "L" a dark brown, I hung it in the center of the wreath with some twine:

I just love Fall.  It's my favorite season - Thanksgiving is my favorite Holiday.

We have so much to be thankful for :>)


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  1. omg that is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I simply love this wreath! What a easy and elegant idea. Thank you. Oh, and it just so happens that I have Victorian paperdoll book from above! Too funny huh?


  3. Wow...I love that wreath!!! So pretty! Thank you for commenting on my blog!