"" Dream To Life: He Said WHAT!?

Friday, November 5, 2010

He Said WHAT!?

We got the December West Elm catalogue in the mail yesterday.

Certain catalogues literally make me squeal with excitement when the mail lady brings them.  Especially the holiday issues :>)

Anyyyyway, I was flipping through and saw this:

I immediately loved the winged back and long legs. (as opposed to something like this:)

Billy and I have always agreed that furniture should be very comfortable, and arms on a chair are a must.  How else are you supposed to curl up with the new Nora Roberts that came out this week and not fall out of the chair?

Very casually I leaned over to Billy and said, "honey, what do you think of something like this chair? To put two of these in our "nook"?  I mean, maybe a different color, or a different shape, 
or a different pric-"

"Yeah! I love it!"

My mouth dropped open. 

He Loves it????  Hold the phone?  Stop the presses! Shut the front door! Holy Shnikyes! (shnikies?)

That was easy :>) It's never that easy.

But, apparently, I now have the green light to find chairs like the one above!   Of course we would love to find a great deal, and I'm not sure if we want them to be quite that neutral in color.....

But I have the GREEN LIGHT! YAHOO!!!

Two more pics of the West Elm "Ellery" Chair:

My neutral heart, however, does go pitter pat thinking about the colors of pillows and/or blankets we could use to transform the look of the chairs.....

Now I really have to stop by West Elm to curl up with my new book try out these babies, and look at the wall mirrors from yesterday!

Billy is going to LA this weekend for the USC game.  

He probably shouldn't leave me alone :>)



  1. Thanks for your comment! Glad you like my blog. I loooove these chairs! I think grey is nicest x

  2. ahahahahahahahahaha! funniest blog ever.

  3. LOVE those chairs..especially the ones pictured in at the end. Have you've check Target..they have some great prices on chairs and lots of different styles.

    Good luck with the cookies..thanks for stopping by today!