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Thursday, November 4, 2010

I'm Dreaming of a......

I have high hopes for our living room.  For us, decorating our house is an onnnnnnnnnnngoing project that I'm afraid will never be finished.

That's ok.  I can live with that :>)

I really REALLY want to paint our downstairs a very light grey-ish blue color:

This room is a more modern then we would ever go, but I love the muted grey walls.   And how about that metal and glass end table?  I love how airy and open it keeps the room.  I think that is important for our house because our living room is so small.

I also love these curtains:

This kind of shocks me.  I never thought I would ever like patterned curtains. I'm such a light, white, and airy gal.  But these would bring in all the elements of our living room.  The neutral couch, dark wood accent tables, and the metallic in all our mirrored accessories.

But knowing me, I'll probably chicken out and make ask Kacey to pick up these from Ikea:

I'm also on the hunt for 2 matching mirrors to hang on either side of our front door, 2 armchairs for our "nook",  perhaps an upholstered bench to separate the kitchen and the living room, and some sort of shelving unit for under our stair case.  Oh, and I think I want to paint our fireplace white.  Phew!

I really love this mirror from Z Gallerie:

But at 33.5 inches it is too big for the space on either side of our door.  Come to think of it....this would be perfect for over our fireplace mantle! Hmmmmm....

These Mosaic Mirrors from West Elm are also interesting:

Might have to stop by to check them out!

This is what talking about to "separate" our kitchen and living room:

Obviously the decor in this room is not our style, but I like the way that bench divides the two areas and provides extra seating which we really need.

I have yet to find one I love. :>( sad face.

Another inspiration picture:

decor pad

Note: Gray Walls and White Fireplace :>)  Ignore the furniture.

I like the shape of this pottery barn armchair:

But I don't think white is the way to go for us and for (ahem) Cali.  Yes. She thinks she's human and loves to lay on our furniture.   Yes.  This is all our fault.

Just a few things we want to do :>)

Here's to hunting!


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  1. i think Cali will LOVE soaring over the bench in puppy ecstasy!!!!!!!