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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Christmas Mantle

It's been a BUSY BUSY beginning to this holiday month!  White Christmas opened last weekend - and we've been sold out every night! Yay!  It's so much fun to get up on stage every night and sing all these great classic Irving Berlin songs :>)

But I digress.

Christmas Mantle time!!!  When we moved into our condo 4 years ago, we had the option of putting in a gas fireplace in the living room.  Option? That is not an option!  Hells yes we want a fireplace, and more importantly, a mantle!  Where else are we supposed to hang stockings and put Christmas decs???

I mean, one of the first things I looked for was a prime Christmas tree spot.  Doesn't everyone?


My mantle this year is a silver, and green theme.

I placed my aMAZing silver candlesticks (with white candles, always white candles!) from Retropolitan on both sides of the mirror to balance it out.

I used my mercury glass vase and placed a "noel" Christmas tree ornament on top!  My extra large musical note is leaning up against the mirror, and the wooden "believe" sign is placed right in front.

Do you still Believe!?

My stocking hangers are this glittery snowflake:

And Santa's sleigh with another silver Christmas tree ornament that says "peace":

Our stockings came from Aunt Joy's!

On the right side of the mantle is another small vignette.  Another wooden "Be Merry" sign, my mercury glass vase/candle holder, and a tall glass cylinder filled with more tree ornaments:

And lastly I added some greenery from our tree trimmings!

I'm hoping to paint the mantle white next year - what do we think???



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  1. It looks great! So very cute and great ideas! I hope you two have a very merry Christmas!