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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Bring It On! Resolution time

I'm pretty much gung-ho about 2011 :>)

I love the New Year and all the new possibilities that come with it.  I love resolutions, fresh starts, goals, and the feeling that anything is possible!  The key, I think, is realizing that Every. Single. Day brings these possibilities with it.  Heck, every new minute brings the chance to start over, be a better listener, go to the gym, open your heart, drink a cup of tea, make a new meal, tell someone you love them!

But, seeing as how it is the new year, I'll just chalk it all up to resolutions.

I have all the tools within in me to bring about the changes I want in my life, and blah blah :>)

However, Santa was verrrrrrrrry good to me this year (I'm not sure I deserved it!) and he brought me some amazing gifties to help jump start all my resolutions!

lululemon Manifesto

Resolution #1: Live an overall healthier lifestyle.

Have you seen the Lululemon Manifesto?  I love reading through it.  It really has pretty much all the advice a gal needs!  And it fits my slightly schizophrenic lifestyle nicely....It jumps from healthy idea to inspiring idea to random thoughts to plain common sense.  Just like I jump from work stuff, to design stuff, to food, to wine, to craft projects, to songwriting, to....you get the picture :>)

My dear friend RA gave me some aMAZing Lululemon yoga pants for Christmas.  They really are the most comfortable pants I've ever worn.  I'm hooked!  And now I'm all ready to go with Resolution #1:  GET HEALTHY!  I am an avid gym avoider.  This needs to change.  I love yoga! But I haven't gone since I broke my foot last September.   Starting tomorrow, I will be wearing the heck out of my lululemons! (at the gym, not on the couch).

Resolution #2:  Blog, blog, blog.

To me, blogging coincides with all the projects and ideas I have rolling around in my head.   I want to paint the downstairs.  I want to paint our fireplace.   I want to find the little pieces I'm looking for to "Finish" up our living room.  I want to try painting cabinets (Yikes! this goes with Resolution #3. NO MORE FEAR!), paint the bathroom, make candles, throw more dinner parties, make one new meal a week, go to the farmers market more, and on and on and on......

5 blogs a week is my new goal!  Let's get his party started :>)  (I know, I know.  I'm already late in getting started....well, no time like the present, eh?!)

And my fantastic, incredible, loving, wonderful husband got me a fantastic and incredible new camera for Christmas!  It is just what I was dreaming about and now I'll be able to put pretty pictures with all these blogs I have now committed to write.  :>)

Resolution #3:  NO MORE FEAR - just go for it!

I don't like the word regret.  Because I really do believe that everything we do, everyone we come into contact with, every opportunity, every failure is meant to be.  I think that is how we learn to become the best versions of ourselves.   So this is something I don't regret but I do want to change about myself.  I know I have a tendency to be afraid of the unknown and afraid of standing up for myself in certain situations.  So this year I'm saying NO to that fear!  My logical brain recognizes how pointless and exhausting it is.  Now my actual brain is going to get on board. JUST SAY NO - and go for it!

"And I'm on my way to believing...." The Only Exception, Paramore (GREAT song).


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