"" Dream To Life: Just trying to get to Yoga, officer!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Just trying to get to Yoga, officer!

I did it!  I actually went to yoga class this morning :>)

It almost didn't happen, even though I've been planning on going all week.  Naturally I was completely distracted by emails and catching up on blogs this morning.  When I glanced at the clock and realized I only had 20 minutes to run upstairs, change my clothes, get in the car, drive to Green Hills, and get to yoga on time, I slammed my laptop shut and jumped off the couch.

As I prepared to take my first running leap up the stairs (I'm talking Olympic Women's Floor Routine here, people), I had a sudden flash of deja vu.....

Waaaaaaaaaaaaaait a minute....

Something feels really familiar....

Oh yeah.  This is how I broke my foot LAST time I tried to go to yoga.

I screeched to a halt at the bottom step and stared it down like the nemesis it is to a klutz like me.  Picking my foot up, I gingerly placed it on the first stair.  


Verrrrrrrrrrrrry slowly I made my way up to the bedroom, changed my clothes, walked verrrrrrrrrrrrrrry slowly back down, and tried to avoid getting a speeding ticket on my way to class.

At least I'm learning, right? Progress :>)

Anyway, it was a great class to ease my way back in.  We worked on opening our chakras

Especially our throat chakra :>) That'll be good for all this speaking my mind stuff I'm working on!

I tried to balance on my right foot, and ended up looking like this guy:

Guess I'll be easing back in slower than the stairs I walked up today.

But no complainin' from this gal! It really felt amazing to be back in the studio with everybody breathing in and out to the same rhythm, feeling one with my body again - I could almost hear my muscles, joints, bones, and mind thanking me for bringing them back to the mat.

Our teacher ended the class, as always, in savasana, and today she chose crashing waves for the background music.  It was so lovely - and made me immediately flash back to my honeymoon.  Hopefully sometime this year I'll get to be her:

It's funny though.  Yesterday I blogged about resolutions and how much I love setting goals and starting over.  Today our teacher talked to us about how yoga basically forbids you to make resolutions.  Because it demands you to stay in the present.  At all times, live in this moment - not in the past and not in the future. Right now.

Interesting.  I'll have to meditate on that awhile :>)



  1. ahahahahahaha....this was hysterical! i LOVED IT!

  2. I think I really like what your teacher told you. I do believe it's all about living in the present. Today. Not in the past and not in the future. Right now.

  3. Lovely!!!! Good for you to get back into it:)

    ps: i'm having a give-away over at my blog! Stop on over if you have a minute:)

  4. Be careful!! I can't wait to get back into yoga!! (took a brief break to give birth, I know excuses, excuses) Thanks for stopping by! Excited to check out your blog & music!

  5. Good for you for going to yoga!! I need to start going...seriously!