"" Dream To Life: Guest Room In Progress

Monday, January 10, 2011

Guest Room In Progress

Happy Monday!

Ever since Kacey left me had to move away because I got married (details, details),  I've been working on our guest room :>)

It's a process.  There's a lot I still want to do with it.  But I thought I'd post some 'right now' pics!

Actually, the room makeover started with a mini-disaster.  Water leak.  Dreaded words.

We had a water leak on one of the walls...which was very strange because no one (not me, not billy,  not Mr. Fix it) could figure out where the water was leaking from.   Kind of scary, but oh well!  It hasn't leaked since. Yup. There. Now I've done it.  It probably just started leaking again....hold please.

Ok, we're good! 

Anyhoo, because of the leak, we had to re-drywall (is that a word?) the wall, and therefore re-paint.  We ended up painting the whole room.   Accent Wall: Behr's Porpoise.  Remaining walls:   Behr's Silver Sky

Eventually we want a headboard in here.  I'm thinking iron, but that could very easily change :>) And we need new lamps.  Or at least a new lampshade...I'm thinking of spray painting the base of this one.

We need curtains for the side window....Gauzy white to match the curtains by the door!  And another table lamp for the right side of the bed.

I've found some of these mirrors at antique stores and thrift stores - the un-framed ones are from Michaels.  I sprayed them all with Heirloom White to make them uniform.

The sign was a gift from a very dear friend.  Such a sweet sentiment!

"My wish for you:
energy to chase your dreams
happiness that multiplies
prosperity throughout the year
peace of mind"

I love books.  LOVE books.  Someday I will have a library where all my precious books will live.  This room acts as that library now!  I'm trying to keep them as organized as possible, and I really like the "rainbow" effect:

And a few shots of me practicing with my new camera!

This is where we are at so far.  The wall opposite the mirror collage is where our desk and tv is.  We hope to get a smaller desk that will fit better in this room.  And also a flat screen tv - right now we have my old college dorm room tv - BIG and square :>)  And the bathroom off this room needs to be painted....more to come!



  1. Guest room looks fabulous, and ready for me to come stay in April! Yay!! xo

  2. Love that blue wall...I would consider changing the lamp shade....there are some fun shabby chic ones that would go with the blue/white theme I think! I think that will freshen the lamp up! I love books too...the only thing that made me sad about turning to the Kindle. No "real" books to hold in my hands anymore. : (

  3. Love the fun colors in the book shelf! Looking good! :)

  4. I was just googling for Behr's Porpoise when this came up- love the blog...and the color! :)