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Monday, February 7, 2011

Baby Shower - Part deux

So, yesterday was Super Bowl Sunday.  


You already knew that?? :>)  

Well, we were supposed to head over to a friend's house (the same friend's who hosted the Baby Shower last weekend), but early Sunday morning, I got a text that said they were sick and the party was canceled.  Billy and I decided to have everybody over to our house instead, and needless to say, our Sunday was slightly crazy with cleaning, shopping, cooking, and hosting!  But we had a great time - even if Christina butchered the anthem :>(

I digress.  Today I'm posting the pictures from last weekend's baby shower. 

Finished train set and scrapbook paper vases:

The vases were very easy to make.  I used double shot glasses for the vase, and I measured out scrapbook paper big enough to fit around the glass.  After the ends were stapled together, they slipped on  and off the vases easily.

These napkin rings made of the same paper...I just cut out strips, wrapped it around the white napkins, and stapled the ends together.

I made up little signs to set around the house to match the vases and napkin rings.

And I finally got to use my vintage blue mason jars!

Punch for the mom-to-be :>)

Bloody Mary Bar for the rest of us..

Amanda made a delicious French Toast Casserole with homemade blueberry and raspberry syrup...

And Raleigh Anne made an awesome egg and sausage casserole!

We hung Bennett's banner on the fireplace....

Ann, Amanda, mama to be Heather, Raleigh Anne, me

It was a gorgeous weekend in Nashville, and the party was a success!  Also, did you see the beautiful white roses and tulips? Well, it's over a week later, and I'm looking at those same flowers STILL ALIVE  on my buffet and mantle. WHA!??!  I'm shocked....

Happy Monday!


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  1. wow the party looked BEAUTIFUL!!!!! your decs were absolutely precious!! way to go!!!!