"" Dream To Life: Inspiring Space: Kacey's Hermosa Beach Apartment

Friday, February 4, 2011

Inspiring Space: Kacey's Hermosa Beach Apartment

Aaaaaaand more from my California trip!  This week long stay was actually the longest I've spent back in L.A. since we moved away 5 years ago.  It was really nice to get to spend quality time with everyone - and to eat at all the amazing restaurants I've missed! There literally was not enough meals in the week (or space in my jeans) to eat at all places I wanted to :>)

Kacey and I had lunch at Simmzy's, a delicious restaurant that I would 100% recommend to anyone in Manhattan Beach!  Here is the view at the end of the street:

Sigh.  I know.

Browsing and shopping in Hermosa and Manhattan Beach...

It seemed like every single store was having a massive sale.  Very fun, but also dangerous :>)  There are some of the cutest home decor boutiques right by Kacey's house.  If I could have fit everything in my suitcase, I may not have been able to resist!

The Hermosa Beach Pier - 3 blocks from Kacey's house.

Kacey and Rossi's house is amazing!  It is a cozy beach apartment - with a HUGE outdoor deck.  They are in the middle of decorating this outdoor space, transforming it literally into an outdoor living room and dining space.   Rossi built the pergola from scratch, and Kacey (as she says) "surpervised" :>)

Candles from their engagement party in Iowa a year ago!  The pink and orange - memories :>)

Their pergola is decorated with so many whimsical accents: glass globes, rustic, lanterns, candles...

Crystal pendants...

A fantastic candle chandelier...

The whole thing is lit up with twinkle lights - it is especially gorgeous at night!

 The view of the ocean from their deck...

Looking back at their apartment...

We had a lovely dinner of cheese and crackers, veggies and dip, and Fantesca wine at sunset with the candles lit and the twinkle lights twinkling....

It was the perfect end to a perfect trip :>)



  1. THANK YOU for sharing these! I love picturing people I know in their space, in their homes, whatever....so thank you, thank you! Totally Jealous!! By the way, I LOVE the OC theme song. Oh, how I miss Seth and Christmakuh!

  2. AHHHH!! I wish I was there. Love Kacey's beautiful home! Can't wait to go spend a weekend out there with Kace in South Bay.

  3. THANK YOU for administration these! I adulation picturing bodies I apperceive in their space, in their homes, whatever....so acknowledge you, acknowledge you! Totally Jealous!! By the way, I LOVE the OC affair song.