"" Dream To Life: These Boots Are Made For Floppin'....

Thursday, February 17, 2011

These Boots Are Made For Floppin'....

Good Morning! Happy Friday!

I've been absolutely awful about posting this week -- must do better next :>)  I guess with Valentine's day, work, new work! (more on that later), and a little recording on a friend's new album.....hmmmmm.

Did anyone happen to catch this segment on the Today Show?  It was all about tips on making your clothes, shoes, and handbags last longer.   Well, I was positively intrigued by all of it - my closet is NEVER in the state I wish it was.

like this, perhaps?

via Honey We're Home, I know.  It's amazing.  Not my closet. ha.

My favorite advice was on how to store your tall boots.  I have too many a few pairs of boots that are always heaped on the floor of my closet.  Even when I try to put them in some semblance of order, they're always flopping to the side, falling over, you get it.

Enter THESE!

They suggested you take your empty wine bottles (I mean, who doesn't have about a hundred of these lying around!? seriously.), rinse them out, and stick 'em inside your tall boots to hold them upright! 

BRILLIANT!!!!!! I tell you!

They also said you could buy these (3 pair for $29.45).  But honestly. Why!?

Check out the full article for more advice (travel steamer, handbag forms, hangers that don't pucker your sweaters, etc) on closet organization.

We've got some more celebrating to do this weekend...In the name of boot preservation, I will be steadfast and strong in my duty to make sure I have enough empty wine bottles for all my poor, floppy boots upstairs.  

It's a tough job, but somebody's gotta do it ;>)



  1. What a dream closet! I follow her blog too! The wine bottle idea is great! I just might have to try that... :)