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Friday, April 1, 2011

Dream Cafe - cuz it's Friday!

So, I got the invite on Facebook to our 10 year high school reunion today.  Wow.

Anyway, on to Dream Cafe!

Is it a trend? Or just a royal thing?  Prince Wills will not be wearing a wedding ring...

A new online mag! Get ready to be Styled.

What my house would look like if I wasn't married and didn't have to LIVE WITH A BOY!

Very exciting news about Brad~!  Our favorite gay best friend is baaaaaack :>)

Speaking of Bravo and reality tv :>), check out Rachel Zoe's tips on wearing long skirts and dresses.

Ummmm, Barbie goes Psycho???!!! Warning: Extremely Disturbing.  Barbie? What happened?

And on a lighter note, an adorable nautical inspired table setting that we are basing our design for an engagement party next weekend on...



eye candy :>)

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