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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Link Party!

I'm linking to Modern Country Style's "Define Your Blog" link party today!  I linked up to my very first blog post...I think it defines me and why I started this.

Hop on over and join the fun!

And on another note, yesterday while holding down the Retropolitan fort, I picked up one of the design books we have in the back office:

Jonathan Adler: Prescription for Anti-Depressive Living

It's a very entertaining read if you haven't yet - lots of fun inspiration and gorgeous pictures.   Sprinkled throughout the book are Adler's "prescriptions" for different ailments...My favorite:

Jonathan Adler's "Prescription for Maximalist Merriment!"

1.)  Over tip!

2.)  Put a canopy over your bed for majestic slumber.  You can do it ad hoc, with a flowy, hippie mosquito net, or be regal with an ornate Louis XIV coronet.  Don't settle for a Quotidian bed.

3.)  Play with paint.  Buy a Jere wall sculpture and paint a rectangle of color behind it as a frame.

4.)  Decorate outside the box.  Dangle a hanging chair in your living room, but beaded curtains in doorways, plop a suit of armor in your foyer.  Amuse yourself.

5.)  Get rid of all your boring, tiresome friends.  Make friends with cabaret stars, exotic dancers, and down-on-their-luck royalty instead.

6.)  Don't fit in.  Scale is the most under-considered piece of the decorating puzzle.  Put a milking stool in a massive palazzo or a Gothic throne in a studio apartment.

7.)  Compliment lavishly.  Tell someone who their celebrity look alike is.  Greet effusively.  Be friendlier than you think you should be.

8.)  Layer, layer, layer.  Unexpected touches are the soul of the maximalist home - a painting hung on a bookcase, a chandelier in a closet, a bras lions-head door knocker in a modern apartment.


  1. all i gotta do is meet some "down on their luck royalty!" lol...love it!!!

  2. what great advice. I sure hope my friends don't read this and label me as their "tiresome, boring friend"!!! I could be in trouble... : ) Miss you!

  3. I like the 'don't settle....' bit. That would be a good mantra for life, don't you think? Don't settle for anything!!

    I love these tips. Will have to look up Quotidian, plebian that I am!