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Saturday, May 14, 2011

It don't have to be pretty now, ya hear??

I miss my family.  A whole heck of a lot.  We're loud, we're crazy, we drink too much wine, and we cook too much food - ahhh home.  I miss it.

So to make up for it I force my friends to come over, to be loud, to drink too much wine (really.  They aren't allowed to leave until this is accomplished) - usually on Sunday nights when everybody has to work the next day.

It's fun.  I promise :>)

For Easter this year - and also my good friend Ann's bday! - I once again told my peeps they had to come over and eat their 3rd HUGE meal of the day (brunch, 1st dinner, 2nd dinner - this is starting to sound like Lord of The Rings "first brrrrreakfast, second brrrrrrreakfast...).  They all have family that live in Nashville, and therefore are very busy on holidays and sunday evenings.  But after I give them the guilt trip and the big lip, they fall for my "but you're our only family in Nashville!" routine every time....muah hahaha!

I decided to cook up a typical Coppola Easter feast: 

Asparagus w/Prosciutto
Twice Baked Potatoes
homemade CHOCOLATE CAKE from scratch (my first!)

The cake was added for Ann's birthday and for me and B - celebrating our successful end to no sweets for Lent!

Recipes to follow but here are a few pics from the night.....Ummmm sorry for the blurryness and bad lighting. 

I told you.

Too much wine :>)

 (I realize the cake is a wee bit drippy.  Learned my lesson to BE PATIENT and wait for the melted chocolate to cool before adding to the butter.  Not waiting = Melted frosting.  But it was tasty!)

Alstroemeria always lasts forever! Me gusta....


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