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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Margarita Madness - I tell you, It's Madness!

One of our favorite Mexican Restaurants in Nashville is the amazetastic Rosepepper in East Nashville.

go now if you haven't been :>)

My dear Mexican husband is pret-ty picky when it comes to Mexican food (cue me trying to make an authentic Mexican meal and using habanero chiles instead of Anaheim chiles without gloves and almost dying from the pain - oh dios mio!  A. I will never cook with chiles again.  B. Wasting 3 pairs of contact lenses because of residual chile pepper on your fingers is neither a party nor cheap. C. Even writing about this week of HORROR in my life is giving me the willies.)

B says the margaritas at Rosepepper are the best.  If I could drink Tequila (damn you "college experience"! Damn you!), I might agree with him.

However, here is the (sort of) Margarita recipe that we got from the bartender at Rosepepper:

Make sure you use 100% Agave Tequila
Lime Juice (Rose's Sweetened) 
Triple Sec
Splash o' Sprite

Yes, that is all the direction we got.  So as we figure out the correct ratio of above ingredients, do us a favor and experiment on your own.

Then email me the recipe.


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