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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Seaside Inspired Engagement Party

My dear friend Amanda hosted an engagement party for another friend of hers a month or so ago.  Obviously I weaseled my way in to helping with the design! eeee - I can't help it.

The theme for the party was a Seaside Inspired Shindig, King Crab Legs and all - mmmmm.

So I started with simple hurricane vases.  In goes the sand, in goes the white candle.  And I wrapped the lower third of the vase with some old twine I had left over from another project.  Secured the ends with a little hot glue and done.

I have a lot of leftover "beachy" elements from Kacey and Rossi's engagement party I designed last year.   Can I tell you how much I LOVE pulling old pieces out of my candle/craft/vase/shell/sand/everythingunderthesun closet to use again, looking at B's face while I scream "I TOLD YOU SO!" like a crazy person?

(I secretly think he'd empty out my candle/craft/vase/sand/shells/everythingunderthesun closet if he could.  And by empty out I mean burn.  And by secretly I mean I KNOW he would like to do that and would do that if he wasn't positive Mean Kate would rear her nutso head and literally murder him in his sleep.  Too harsh? Yeesh..ok...fine...I'd just get really mad- no. Murder it is.)

Anyhoo, there will be no murder in this household seeing as how my husband knows better than to touch my closet AND I in fact do re-use most of the clutter amazing decor I bring in the house :>)

The party was held at Amanda's sister-in-laws cutie cute Nashville home....I really do love all the details that their house has...exposed brick, high ceilings, original tile around the fireplace...

Dining room table transformed into the serving buffet.  Featuring seersucker table runner, striped napkins, and GORGEOUS Juliska serving platters.

Crab bibs!

I promise to steal from Amanda all the recipes from the evening.  From the delicous bbq chicken to her fantastico potato salad - my stomach is growling....not good for the get skinny now plan.

Oh well...So worth it :>)


How To...Throw A Seaside Inspired Barbecue Engagement Party

   *Seersucker and stripes - blue striped napkins, red seersucker table runner, blue and white paper plates.
   *White and silver serving ware - big white platters and candle stands, silver cake stands/
   *DIY twine wrapped glass hurricane candle holders
   *Beachy elements: sand, seashells, driftwood
   *Crab Bibs!

   *Sweet Barbecue Chicken
   *Homemade Potato Salad
   *Baked Beans
   *King Crab Legs
   *Monogrammed cookies and cupcakes
   *Red and White Wine, Keg Beer

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  1. Love the theme and decs for the party! Looks like so much fun!