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Friday, July 29, 2011

A Few Favorite Things..

It's Friday!  Friday's always manage to make me smile, but I decided to do a little peruse through my house to find a couple things laying about that made me smile this week....

Instruments as art.  I think musical instruments are simply gorgeous (made even more beautiful when actually used and played!).  My D41 Martin acoustic and Ganjo (a 6 string banjo) are on prominent display in our living room - they make great wall art and are close by for anyone to play.  (Part 2 of this photo: turquoise throw pillow = More Color Now project...remember? :>)  

Vintage inspired Anthropologie candle - Aloha Orchid scent.  This was a gift from a dear friend, and not only does it smell awesome, but its packaging is lovely.  The glass jar and vintage-y gold lid look great whether lit or not.

A new (finally!) brushed silver leaning mirror from Home Goods (only $49.99!).  I've been wanting a floor mirror for the bedroom for a long time now - Cue me: Standing on the trunk at the end of our bed in order to see my shoes with the rest of my outfit :>)

Vintage leather purse from Mexico.  I had long thought I lost this purse (maybe in a move, a Goodwill binge,  or in The Divorce*?)....but imagine my sheer delight when I literally stumbled upon it this week!  It was wedged waaaaaaaaaaay in the back of the guest room closet, under piles of "stuff".  Clearly its beyond time to organize and clean out our closets.  But I'm so happy to have found this.  I bought it several years ago on a trip to Cabo San Lucas.  I love it's rough around the edges look with the beat up leather and texture - I can't wait to wear it again!

My perfume collection.  I'll admit it.  I'm a perfume-aholic.  I literally cannot stop myself from buying a new scent...and sometimes its just because I love the look of the pretty bottle!  

What made you smile this week??  


*The Divorce: When I got married, and my twin sister Kacey moved out of our house - she got the car, I got the house, she got this dress, I got that hat...apparently I thought she got the purse too :>) Sorry Kacey.


  1. I'm sorry....was I just accused of stealing a purse?!?!??!?!?!?!


  2. i love perfumes too but i just have 4 or 5 bottles.
    love your blog :)


  3. I just love seeing those perfume bottles sitting on your dresser with the photo in the background.