"" Dream To Life: Flea Market Fix-Up: A "Regal Purple" Chair

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Flea Market Fix-Up: A "Regal Purple" Chair

Hello!  It's purple chair day.  This is the $8 dollar chair I found at the Flea market a month or two ago.  It's just been sitting by our door (and holding all our bags, purses, shoes, dog toys) looking sad and forlorn...practically begging me to bring it back to life every time I walked in and out of our house.  I immediately loved the lines of the chair - the arms, curved back, pretty legs - and the price tag was all it took for me to take it home.  I figure even if I completely ruin it, I won't care that much :>)

The first step was to lightly sand the entire chair.  I used 220 grit sand paper and skimmed over all the surfaces.   I stress the word skimmed - I did not sand it all the way down to the grain.  I just got rid of some of the rough, flaky spots.   I knew I was planning on priming it with Zinsser's 123 Bulls Eye Water Base Primer (Same product I used on our fireplace mantle re-do).  This primer is AMAZING.  It's made to cover surfaces that haven't been sanded....and it works.  I picked up a quart of it at ACE Hardware and I've barely made a dent in it yet.

Here she is waiting to get primed and gettin' a little love from a friend :>)  

After one coat of Zinsser Primer - applied with a Purdy Paint Brush:

See how I didn't worry if the primer didn't cover it completely?  It got in most of the nooks and crannies.  You don't have to be meticulous.

This is after the first coat of Glidden's "Regal Purple" in Semi Gloss Finish (one quart of paint is MORE than enough for a chair this size....I could probably paint 10 more chairs and still have purple paint left over).  Obviously one coat is not nearly enough...

This is in the midst of 2 coats:

We're gettin' there!

I flipped the chair over after I'd let the 2nd coat dry to get all the feet and bottom of the chair.

And......the finished project!

It sure does the job of adding a burst of color to the room.  Holy purple!  I added our navy and white toss pillow from Target to tie it in to the 2 navy wing back chairs we have on the opposite side of the room.  I'd love to add a couple more shots of this purple into the space...

I like the idea of this fabric:

Pillows? Drapes?  Hmmmmm....

One last Before and After for you:


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  1. that is so freaking cool!!!! when are you coming to my house to do cool stuff?????

  2. Love it! Awesome job! I think you should definitely add a couple more pops of purple around the room!

  3. WOW,that's so cool!Great purchase and I can't believe how it has changed!!!Love it!

  4. Did you do this because you know purple is my favorite color??? This is so cute and has inspired me to do some DIY. $8 is my kind of deal :)

  5. Lol Ann!! Seriously, if this is too "purple" for my house, it's coming over to spend the night at yours!!! ha!

  6. Yes I'd say that is a BursT of ColoR !
    love it. I had a few chairs like that from a library. I got rid of them. Wish I hadn't.

  7. I love this chair!! So awesome! I'm featuring you on my blog tomorrow! Hope you'll stop by and grab a featured button! It'll be up tomorrow morning! www.craptastickatie.blogspot.com

  8. Whoa! I found your blog through a google search of "Glidden regal purple" and you totally convinced me to purchase it! I'm refinishing a dresser and I only hope it looks as amazing as your project :)