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Friday, August 12, 2011

Daily Dose Of Glitter

I get so many emails every day - from stores, deal sites, lifestyle tips, yoga studios, google alerts....not to mention all the "real" emails.  AKA, emails I should be answering and working on instead of heading to Nordstrom.com to look at their new fall boot line.

(Although my cute husband did forward me a Nordstrom email saying, "Honey! This is you to a tee!"
Country Manor-Chic? I could be down with that :>)

There are a few emails I get that I read as soon as I can...Do you receive these?

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My favorite part of the daily email is the House Tour...lots of amazing, inspiring pictures of everyday homes all over the world.

Tips, trends, and more on Fashion, Beauty, and the occasional home/closet tour!

Have a fantastic Friday!

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