"" Dream To Life: Flea Market Fix-Up: Vintage Tray Turned Chalkboard

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Flea Market Fix-Up: Vintage Tray Turned Chalkboard

I love metallic finishes.  They can act as neutrals in a room, yet they bring a lot of character and glam (and who couldn't use a little glam?).   Silver candlesticks, gold mirrors, mercury glass vases...I'll take 'em all.   I found a vintage gold mirror that had seen better days at the Flea Market.  I loved the frame, but the mirror was pretty grungy.  So I decided to jump on the Chalkboard paint bandwagon and turn it into a memo board.

Isn't the frame awesome? I love the color and texture.   I used Rust-Oleum Chalkboard Spray Paint, which is so easy to use.  

Simply tape off the frame, spray 3 coats of paint, cure with chalk (rub chalk all over the surface, then wipe off) and......

Done!  Now where to put it....

I've thought about putting it in between the door and left window, opposite the mosaic mirror (Please ignore the bags of throw pillows in the corner...I'm getting ready for a photo shoot).

Or it could go here.  Or maybe upstairs in our guest room/office, or maybe....well we shall see!

I wish you all a lovely Tuesday :>)


PS: Does anyone watch Curb Your Enthusiasm?  Did you catch the episode about the "smiley face"?  Yeah, I fear I overuse the smiley face.  Ha!



  1. Cute!! Love that frame too! Seems like you'd get more use out of it by the door... reminders, etc. You'll call though... it would look great anywhere!

  2. I love it - and it could be a cute tray too! You have a beautiful home and I love your front door.

  3. LOVE your house! It's so pretty and light!

  4. The frame is so beautiful, great find and great makeover!

  5. Looks awesome, Kate!!!! Have fun at the lake!