"" Dream To Life: What Makes You Smile - Week 2

Thursday, August 4, 2011

What Makes You Smile - Week 2

I mean, come on!  You're smiling, too, right??

Thats Cali.  Just chillin' in the park, owning the place.  And yes, that's the Parthenon in the background.  I wish I could say that it's the real Parthenon...but, no, it's just our life-size replica here in Nashville.

It's Week 2 of A Step In The Journey's Photography Challenge (see my week 1 post here), and the challenge this week is to capture something the makes you smile.  Honestly, there are many things that make me smile throughout the day, but Cali never fails to get me to grin.  She is so funny, so beautiful, so loyal...she's a keeper :>)  The photo itself was fairly easy to capture: it was a gorgeous day so the lighting was great.  The only issue was getting a sharp image - dogs are hard to get to stand still (and the wind was blowing!).  But because I didn't need to let more light in, I could use a quick shutter speed.  

 ***ex: 1/25 is a faster shutter speed than 1/5.  In last weeks photo, I used 1/5 shutter speed so I could capture more light.  This week I upped it so I could get a quicker shot***

Above example from here.

I'm linking to the party! It's not too late to join us :>)



  1. Cute! Thanks for the tips on the shutter speed. I am assuming this is what you do when your on that "M" setting? I've been too scared to try it. I must though, great comparison!

  2. I love this photo! Great shot of a great dog! :)

  3. Cali is lovely. Max (our dog) was a close runner up when choosing what to photograph. Great little tutorial on Shutter Speed. Thanks for linking up!

  4. Awww such a cute picture! She looks so happy and the colours are lovely!

  5. You have an adorable pup! I love that you used the "rule of thirds" in this pic with a wonderful background. I'm definitely following your blog :)
    PS. your profile picture is GORGEOUS :)

  6. Cali made me smile, too. Nice shot.

  7. Cali is such a beautiful dog! I like that the wind added an element of movement to your photo.