"" Dream To Life: 1920's Speakeasy Peacock Feather Headpiece

Thursday, September 15, 2011

1920's Speakeasy Peacock Feather Headpiece

HBO Sunday night shows are our thing.  Billy and I are quite obsessed with them actually - and now that Entourage and True Blood are over, we are gearing up for Boardwalk Empire to start next week.

It's really a coincidence that Boardwalk Empire takes place in Atlantic City during Prohibition and I just recently completed a Style Shoot entitled "1920's Speakeasy Wedding"...gotta love coincidences :>)

I'll post all the pictures from the shoot soon, but I wanted to share this DIY Peacock Feather Headpiece;

Photo by Mike Wootton

Peacock Feather Headpiece DIY

5 peacock feathers (From Hobby Lobby)
1 plain hair comb
hot glue and gun

STEP 1: Cut feathers about an inch and a half below main bloom.
STEP 2: Arrange 5 peacock feathers on top of hair clip evenly.
STEP 3: Glue stem of each feather to the top rim of the hair clip.
STEP 4: After fully dry, place in hair!  
STEP 5: Bobby pin Brooch in hair on top of hair clip to hide it and add more pizzazz!

And viola!  Who wants to be a flapper for Halloween???!


PS:  It's Thursday, so I'm over at Cooper-Grey with ideas on how to Get The Look of this a-mazing Dining Room!!!  Check it out! (Look how great the colors go with the headpiece! Ha!)


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