"" Dream To Life: DIY "EAT" Napkins

Monday, October 24, 2011

DIY "EAT" Napkins

I loved the idea of customizing napkins for the DIY photo shoot.  These "EAT" napkins are just adorable, and once again, super easy to make.

DIY "EAT" Napkins

You'll need:
Plain white napkins
Rubber stamps
ink pad in color of your choice
decorative ribbon
pins or hot glue

Fold the napkin the way you'll want it showing when it's sitting on each plate.
Carefully stamp "E" "A" "T" on the bottom of the napkin.
We tied decorative lace ribbon around the napkin, and topped it with another contrasting piece of ribbon.
You can either pin the ribbon in the back, or hot glue it together.

I paired the "EAT" napkins with these seersucker ones:

J'adore it!

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  1. I love this! How can I avoid the ink go all the way to the back? or to make sure that it doesn't wet the napkin entirely? Please tell me the secret. =)