"" Dream To Life: Thanksgiving Table Decor

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Thanksgiving Table Decor

Creating "tabletops" is one of my favorite hobbies.  I love coming up with different designs, different color combinations, different themes.  I basically force myself into any party where I know I can easily bogart the table decor - aka close family and friends.  They have to love me - obnoxious traits and all :>)

This past Thanksgiving, we traveled to Denver to spend the holiday with my side of our family.  And this trip was no exception - my sister and I immediately started dreaming up the table decor...

I was ready to create something a little unexpected this year.  We've done the traditional thanksgiving table decor (rust colors, pumpkins, nuts, etc) in years past, so we decided to change it up.  Lately I've been inspired by the color combo chartreuse and cobalt blue.  And I knew my mother's gorgeous china would go perfectly with this scheme.  Plus I love the fact that this isn't strictly a Thanksgiving Table Design.  It can be translated to any party or event.

Chartreuse and Cobalt Blue Inspired table...

Crisp green moss and candles, cobalt blue napkins, and a crisp white table linen make the base of this design.   

My mom has beautiful blue and green china that we use every year for holidays.  There are only 8 sets, so we filled in the rest of the table with simple white china.  The place settings were a mix of bundled fresh rosemary and ripe pears.  Each setting had a tiny scroll with a quote of thankfulness printed on it.  Before dinner, each guest read their quote...This was all Kacey's BRILLIANT idea, and it completely added that amazing touch that every party needs....

Wine is a large part of every family gathering!  We created a vignette behind the serving bar to fill in space and make for easy access :>)



  1. Gorgeous! Wishing Thanksgiving was just around the corner again :)

  2. I have to admit that overall I'm really impressed with this particular site especially on your table settings! You wowed me on this idea! It's gorgeous!