"" Dream To Life: A Week In San Francisco

Thursday, May 31, 2012

A Week In San Francisco


Ahhh San Francisco!  Such a fun city.  Seeing as how Billy is living there for 6 months, I've had the opportunity to visit several times over the past few months.  Including a full 10 days last month - and let me tell ya, we pretty much checked off every single touristy activity possible!  My trip coincided with my sister and her husband being out there for a show he was filming, so I spent a few days with them too.

Day 1: Rossi day!

The first touristy day was spent with just my brother-in-law Rossi. Billy was in training and Kacey was still performing in "Ring Of Fire" Up in Sonora, CA.  After a delicious meal at The American Grilled Cheese Kitchen down by the Giants Stadium (yuuuuummmmy grilled cheese sandwiches and roasted tomato soup), we ran around Fisherman's Wharf pressing pennies and wine tasting at my favorite wharf tasting spot Wines Of California Wine Bar.  We ended the day with drinks and food at Paragon, a restaurant back by the stadium that has an awesome porch, atmosphere, and American brasserie-style food.

Day 2: Alcatraz, Chinatown, Lombard St, Oh My!

When Kacey finally met us, she was ready for some serious sight seeing.  None of us had ever been to Alcatraz, so we took the 10:30 am ferry over to the rock.  The tour was fantastic! And the day couldn't have been prettier - gorgeous views of San Fran...

Then it was dim sum for lunch at Great Eastern Restaurant (I mean, the President has been there...you have to go.) in Chinatown.  We walked off our meal by visiting some little trinket shops looking for porcelain chopsticks...surprisingly hard to find.  

We finished up the day by driving down Lombard Street (really amazing to think of the people who live off of this street! Crazy!), relaxing with old fashioned drinks at The Rickhouse, and watching Kacey open her birthday present from me and Kara...

I highly recommend all the above mentioned spots - great atmospheres, great food, all over the city...you can really get a taste of San Fran!



  1. Sigh. Wish I were in San Fran. Looks like loads of fun!!!

  2. omg, looks like a blast. I seriously need to plan a trip someday soon. thanks for the recommendations. Another fabulous post, love. If you get a sec, I'd love to hear your thoughts on my latest outfit post. xo


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