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Friday, March 25, 2011

Dream Cafe

    1.  a coffeehouse.
    2.  a small restaurant, esp one serving alcoholic drinks, and sometimes providing entertainment.
    3.  a barroom.

Welcome to the weekly post that I'm calling "The Dream Cafe".  In my daily perusing of the world wide web, I come across a lot of fun/interesting/enlightening/frightening/worth-reading posts and I'm often forwarding them along to friends and family.  Seeing as how a cafe is a coffeehouse, a restaurant, or a bar, I figured Dream Cafe is a good name for it!  What do we do in coffeehouses, restaurants, bars?  (besides drink :>) We chat about our weeks, we gossip, we discuss major life altering events, we complain about the world, we laugh about the world....

Welcome to the Dream Cafe :>)

Places that intrigued me this week.....

I'm Ready for Spring in this number!

I wish I had read this Essay about a year ago, and kept reading it right up through last Christmas :>)  How to survive when everything sucks!

You have to read about "statistically the world's happiest person".  I especially like his philosophy, "if you can't laugh at yourself, life is going to be pretty terrible for you." Wise words, Alvin Wong.

If you're looking for a fun Easter decor project, look no further than the cutest DIY Easter Eggs ever.

I will be making This Chocolate Cake as soon as Lent is over (and my husband's brilliant idea that we both give up dessert. Grrr.)

And finally, really good ideas and advice on what to do with "Business Free Time".

Have a Wonderful Weekend!!!



  1. where do you find this stuff! this is completely amazing!!!

  2. Love this post! Every link was great, the business free time tips were especially helpful for me :)