"" Dream To Life: Dorm Room Style

Friday, August 5, 2011

Dorm Room Style

Refinery 29

How cute is this dorm room?  I love it's quirky, bohemian, creative vibe.   I can assure you my dorm did not look like this - I wish it did!

There are a lot of elements to this room that we can all learn from...

*Gallery wall with personal artwork in a collection of vintage frames (this definitely shows that there are no rules to a gallery wall.  Obviously there is a place and time for planning out where everything goes, but sometimes you just gotta start hanging).

*A great patterned rug brings color and personality to a small space.

*Unique lighting is whimsical and functional.

*Colorful accessories (blanket, globe, rug, branches) collected in a random way make the room feel fun and warm.  And they are definitely conversation starters when meeting all sorts of new people.

*DIY an old dresser to add another personal element to the room.  Especially when you're trying to put your own stamp on a dorm room.  Everybody gets the same furniture - wouldn't it be nice to stand out a little?

What do you think? How would you personalize your dorm room if you could go back in time?



  1. Just caught up on a bunch of your blogs...loved them all...made me miss you! How was the lake? And, also, that is a sweet dorm room, however, is that a fireplace in that dorm room? where do those dorm rooms exist? Hope all is well! Holly

  2. Whoever did that is very creative! At first it would seem cluttered, but there is an order and a theme to it. Students should also practice that in their own rooms!

  3. I love messy order! The gallery wall is perfect and I would die for a fireplace in my dorm room...