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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

How To: Summer Cut-offs

It all started with the dreaded words, "Oh, I'll just clean out a couple things from my closet."  It wasn't going to be a big overhaul.  Oh no.  Just grab the first few things I see that I'm sure I'll never wear again...you know, make a bit more room.

Ha. That never happens.  Cue Scene: Closet Empty.  Bedroom: Total Mess.

Anyway, that little escapade is how I came across an old pair of white pants that I no longer wear.  They've been washed (and definitely dried) a few too many times without care....they're a little short :>)  They also have some strange black markings right below the right knee that will. not. come. off.  I was getting ready to throw them out last week when I looked down at my most favorite pair of summer shorts and thought, it's worth a try!

I'll go through the steps at the end. Warning: This may be the easiest project in the history of DIY's.

Step 1:  Lay out pants.

Step 2:  Place shorts you are using as your pattern on top.  Try to get the edges to line up as close as possible.

Step 3:  Cut about a half inch to 3/4 inch below the bottom of pattern shorts. (I just eyeballed this because I knew I would be rolling up the bottom edge of my new white shorts - and with cut-offs, the messier the better!)

Step 4:  Roll up bottom edge and put 'em on!

I told you. So easy.  Hardly blogworthy :>)

Moral of Story:  Don't chuck 'em, cut 'em!



  1. hahahaha....this is great! but WHEN did you have time to try out, work, finish a photo shoot...AND cut off shorts?!?!?!?!?!? I apparently need to manage my time better:)

  2. i transformed a couple pairs of torn jeans into denim shorts this summer too. talk about stylish recycling....